Our areas of expertise cover 3 areas:


Location Scouting: Whether you need a desert, street, office, villa, warehouse or shop, our knowledgeable location managers can scout and source suitable locations for any type of production job.

Road, Public & Drone Permits: Our vast experience of shooting in the region gives us a unique insight into the rules, regulations and cultural sensitivities of shooting in the UAE. We manage all your permit needs to ensure that there are no surprises on set. We work closely with our government fixers for all road permits and closures.

Casting: Our casting directors have access to the best talents around. We work closely with all the best agencies, organize casting sessions, manage deliverables, handle the bookings and schedule fittings.

All Crew: We help you book and assemble the best crew based on the particular requirements of the project. We deal with all crew bookings, crew contracts, release forms and suppliers. Our knowledge of the local industry gives us access to the best production crew, production designers, stylists, make-up artists, technical crew and transport professionals.

Equipment Rental: Our excellent relationships with local suppliers mean we can get you the best equipment at competitive rates, no matter your requirements.

Logistics & Accommodation: We have great corporate rates and can help you book your hotels and manage all logistical aspects.

We offer a full 360° production service to ensure that our clients get what they need for their projects without comprising quality. Our passion for production means we’ll be the first on set and always the last to leave. We deal with crew, cast, suppliers, and the typical last minute requests that pop-up on set. We are passionate, professional and prepared for anything that may occur.

We also understand that essential balance of quality and cost and make sure that the creative vision of our clients is brought to life. When it comes to the financials, our budgets are always clear and we are very transparent with all of the people we work with.