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N3 Films is a production servicing company based in Dubai, with extensive knowledge of the UAE and vast amounts of regional experience. We have worked with leading production houses on some fantastic projects for international and local brands such as Nike, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Givenchy, Omega, GE, Etisalat, Coke, DSF, STC, Mobily, Aspire, Oreedo and many more.

N3 Films is headed up by Nadine Gibbs, Producer and founder of N3 Films. She has worked in the industry for over 15 years and brings a wealth of experience, professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm to set. She started her career with the BBC before taking up a senior role at MTV Arabia. After that, she set up Dubai-based creative studio robotandspark before re-branding and launching N3 Films in 2014.

N3 Films specializes in working hand-in-hand with clients to deliver a personalized service based on their requirements, whether it’s a TV commercial, corporate video, online content, a music video, documentary, photoshoot or event.

N3 handles all aspects of the production journey, starting with hiring crew - from producers, production managers, casting directors and technical team, to obtaining permits, scouting locations, casting and much more.